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Top Picks for Winter Specialties

Top Picks for Winter Specialties
Winter is still in full swing. By now we’re sure most of you have stocked up on winter uniform items, but do you have specialty items to make your job easier in winter? MyPostalUniforms.com has a great selection of non-reimbursable winter specialty items for letter carriers! These products help you to deal with the cold, snow, ice, and more. Below we’ve picked our absolute favorite specialty items. Take a look and consider investing a bit of extra money to make your job a little bit easier. While working all day, you want to be comfortable and dry. This product will help you achieve that. The microfiber polyester fabric will pull the sweat away from your body to the surface of the fabric. Here it evaporates, which will leave your skin cool and dry. It also acts as an ideal base layer on cold days. We have options for both upper body and lower body protection. Hand and Toe Heaters Sometimes socks and gloves just aren’t enough for cold winter weather. Heaters can be placed in pockets or shoes for extra warmth. They’re sold in pairs and are guaranteed to provide you with five hours of warmth or more. These heaters can get very warm, giving you relief from the bitter winter cold and winds. We cannot recommend them enough! A little extra warmth really goes a long way. Keep snow and ice off your vehicle with this high quality product. Nobody enjoys scraping windows and cleaning off vehicles. By investing in covers, you can avoid the headache and save yourself time. Use covers for the windows of your vehicle and even your mirrors. If your truck is parked outside overnight, this is perfect for you. Sno Pro If you don’t want to invest in a windshield cover, you’re going to have to clean off your vehicle yourself. Something that many people tend to forget is that snow gathers on more than just the windshields. The Sno Pro allows you to clean the entire body of a vehicle without fear of damaging the paint. The handle extends to 48” so you can easily reach the top of your vehicle as well! Being safe in winter weather is extremely important. Letter carriers spend the majority of their shifts walking around outside, but they also are required to do a lot of driving. These tire chains will improve your traction on snow and ice. Turn corners and brake more safely by driving with these high quality chains.   These are just a few of the many non-reimbursable specialty items we have that will make winter easier on you. You can find the rest here. Take care of yourself out there!