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About Postal Products Unlimited's USPS Uniforms Program

MyPostalUniforms.com is a program by Postal Products Unlimited, Inc., which has been a dedicated supplier to the United States Postal Service since 1988. Our privately held company is located in Milwaukee, WI, not far from the shores of Lake Michigan, and is housed in a block-long, 200,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution center.

A dedicated supplier of the United States Postal Service for over 20 years, Postal Products Unlimited continually strives to supply USPS offices around the country with high-quality and modern postal products. Our entire collection of high-quality uniforms are featured here on MyPostalUniforms.com, bringing you the best selection available. Also, to ensure quality of service and timeliness, MyPostalUnforms and Postal Products Unlimited, Inc. maintain $3 million worth of inventory on site. Choose from letter carrier uniforms, window clerk uniforms, postal shoes and boots, gloves, hats, postal active and casual wear and much more, all shipped within 24 hours!

As a part of the company philosophy, MyPostalUniforms and Postal Products Unlimited, Inc. have made a commitment to first-rate customer service. This has secured our strong business relationship with the USPS over the years and helps continue it into the future. Just a phone call away, call our knowledgeable and experienced customer service representatives with any questions you may have.

We also offer our entire selection through our online uniform catalog for the convenience of our customer.

No matter what type of uniform or accessory you need, MyPostalUniform has the largest selection of union-made postal uniforms. We are extremely proud of our partnering with the USPS over the years and would like to express our gratitude to all of our loyal postal customers. Your courteous and supportive manner each and every day helps us strive to be the best business possible.

Uniform Vendor License

Postal Products Unlimited, Inc. is approved by U.S. Postal Service – Labor Relations as an approved U.S. Postal Service Uniform Distributor

Uniform Vendor License Number: 24832
Uniform Program Office Address:
U.S. Postal Service
Uniform Programs
Room 6402, NB
475 L’Enfant Plaza, SW
Washington, DC 20260-4140
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Postal Products Unlimited, Inc., via My Postal Uniforms, offers approved Postal Uniforms and Work Clothes items from USPS certified manufacturers. The majority of postal uniforms are made in the USA, with a strong emphasis on union-manufactured items.


Postal employees may order postal uniforms and work clothes items approved for their position using their Postal Uniform Purchase Allowance Card; Take an additional 10% Off all postal uniform reimbursable items when using your Uniform Allowance Card at Mypostaluniforms.com.

Postal Uniform and USPS Work Clothes items include: Postal Uniform Rainwear, Postal Worker Caps, Letter Carrier Sun Helmets and Winter Hats, USPS Jackets and Parkas, Window Clerk Shirts, Postal Vests and Sweaters, Neckwear, Postal Uniform Gloves, USPS Uniform Belts, Letter Carrier Shorts, Window Clerk Skirts, USPS Uniform Slacks and Trousers, Postal Socks, Mail Carrier Shoes, Overshoes, and heavy-duty Postal Boots.


To ensure quality of service and timeliness of delivery, Postal Products Unlimited, Inc. maintains $3 million worth of stocked supplies and equipment for this, and other Postal contracts without forecasting or guarantee of sales by the Postal Service. Stocked items ship within 24 hours. Postal uniform items ship via the U.S. Postal Service. Postal Products Unlimited, Inc. pays a service charge to the U.S. Postal Service for each transaction to cover USPS administrative costs for this program.
Request Free Postal Uniform Catalog

Request Free Postal Uniform Catalog
If you are an Area Maintenance Technician/Specialist, City Letter Carrier, Clerk performing City Carrier duties, Custodial Maintenance, Driving Instructor or Examiner, Letter Box Mechanic, Mail Handler, Motor Vehicle Operator, MVC (Driver), Maintenance Mechanic, Passenger Elevator Operator or Elevator Starter, Ramp Transfer Clerk AMF, Retail Window Operations, Special Delivery Messenger, Tractor-Trailer Operator, Vehicle Maintenance, Window Clerk, or receive a Uniform Allowance CALL OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT AT 1-800-229-4500 TO RECEIVE A FREE COPY OF YOUR POSTAL UNIFORM CATALOG TODAY!


Postal Products is also an approved vendor to carry dozens of high-quality USPS Officially Licensed Products including sportswear and postal casual wear. Postal t-shirts, polos, turtlenecks, henleys - every conceivable style you may want is available in a full size range. While these postal sportswear items are not considered part of a US Postal Service uniform and are not available to be purchased on your postal clothing allowance, they still make amazing gifts for loved ones and are a great way to show your pride in serving.