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Should All USPS Employees Be Required to Wear Postal Uniforms?

When looking at the makeup of the USPS, letter carriers fall into two categories – city carriers and rural carriers. While all letter carriers deliver mail and parcels, the rules and regulations they face while on the job can differ greatly. Rural letter carriers are to be neatly dressed and presentable, but they are not required to wear a USPS uniform. Rural letter carriers often do more than just deliver the mail; they also sell stamps, offer signature confirmation, and other tasks that can be fulfilled at a traditional Postal counter. Due to this visibility, some people are calling for rural letter carriers to begin wearing Postal uniforms, just like city carriers do. In addition, the USPS has begun employing more and more temporary workers. Non-career workers often do not receive any allowance for uniforms. What this sometimes means is that a non-career letter carrier will arrive at an individual’s mailbox in street clothing, which can be alarming for customers. So, should all letter carriers be required to wear a uniform?   Yes To Uniforms! ~ Customers are less likely to react with suspicion to Postal workers approaching their mailboxes and homes due to a lack of uniform. ~ Increased safety for letter carriers. ~ Provide a positive, professional image of the USPS to customers while delivering the mail. ~ Alleviate customer confusion, making customers more likely to approach with questions or for additional Postal services. ~ Uniforms allow customers to better understand when an individual is illegally accessing their mailbox. No To Uniforms! ~ Added financial strain to the USPS. ~ Added financial strain to USPS employees without any Uniform Allowance. ~ USPS should focus on fixing other, more pressing issues such as better delivery times, better training, and building maintenance. ~ Uniforms cost too much money. Instead, require all rural carriers to have signage or graphics attached to their delivery vehicle. ~ Uniforms are often uncomfortable and not feasible for constant wear while working a rural delivery route in a vehicle. What’s your take? Should all letter carriers be required to wear Postal uniforms? Let us know what you think in the comments!