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How to measure for pants?

How to measure for pants?
One of the basic articles of clothing for the Postal Uniform program is pants.  There are different pant styles available for Letter Carriers, Window Clerks and Mail Handler/Maintenance personnel.  While these styles are different for each job, the way you measure for them remains the same.  There are two basic measurements you need to determine the correct size pants, the Waist and Hip/Seat measurements.  In addition to Waist and Hip/Seat measurements, there is the Inseam measurement.  All postal pants come in unhemmed.  The Inseam measurement allows you to tailor fit your pants according to your height. Here is the correct way to measure:   Waist – Measure around the natural waist line. Do not measure over belt or waistband. Hip/Seat – Measure around the fullest part of your hip/seat (about 7” from the waist line) with your heels together. Inseam – Measure while standing, from the crotch seam down to the desired length.

Use the following charts for both Men’s and Women’s sizes to determine what size pants you need.    For all pants measurements, it is best to have another person take your measurements, preferably with a tape measure.  Keep the tape taut but not too tight to allow for seating room.  Please note that there are no returns/exchanges on altered pants.  Also all postal shorts are pre-hemmed.