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Tips to Keep Warm this Winter

Tips to Keep Warm this Winter
N1026557c January is here and cold air has settled over parts of the country for days now. While letter carriers who live in areas that see harsher winters are generally prepared for the conditions, extended cold weather like this can catch even the prepared by surprise. Today we’re going to feature our own tips on keeping warm in this weather to make your routes more bearable.  
  • Wear multiple layers of street clothes under your uniform. There are all sorts of clothing items designed for outdoor conditions. We recommend at least two layers of clothing under your uniform if you will be out on a route during a cold snap. This can include shirts, multiple pairs of pants, extra jackets, and more.
  • Wear overshoes to keep boots underneath warm and dry. This helps to prevent any snow or ice from getting to your feet while on the job. You can find our reimbursable overshoes HERE.
  • Be sure to wear a snug, warm hat to help protect you from the wind. You may go for something more traditional, or look into wearing a hat with a facemask for added protection. You can find all of our postal hats HERE.
  • Invest in some type of hand and toe heaters for additional warmth while working. These can be inserted into pockets or shoes and provide hours of warmth. Read about ours HERE.
  • Have high quality gloves. Letter carriers have to work with their hands a lot due to sorting mail. Your day will be miserable if your hands are cold. Check out our postal gloves HERE.
  • Keep moving. Motion is an old but effective antidote to the cold.
  Delivering the mail is a very important job, and those people who do it often don’t get the credit they deserve. All of us at MyPostalUniforms.com thank you for braving the elements to make sure we get our mail and packages. Stay warm out there!