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Surviving The Holidays

Surviving The Holidays
The holiday season is here, which for USPS employees means long hours, added stress, and of course, more mail to deliver. Here’s our tips to help you get through the holidays! ~ Don’t read the comments in articles about the USPS. ~ But do read feel-good articles about the USPS. Get inspired by stories of letter carriers serving their community or helping those in need. It can remind you of why your job is so important. ~ Don’t read the comments on the USPS Facebook page, either. A lot of people take out their anger in these comments, and they likely have nothing to do with you. ~ Embrace the longer hours by remembering all the calories you are burning. ~ Load your mail first, then your parcels. ~ Play Tetris when loading up your LLV. Stack parcels so they won’t go flying when you drive or remove one from the stack. ~ Invest in items to help you stay warm. It will make your long days more pleasant. ~ Remember that the holiday season will end, and that the huge rush of mail and parcels is temporary. ~ Don’t attempt mail and parcel delivery if it is unsafe. Yes, you should attempt to deliver everything you can, but don’t risk your safety for it. ~ Take time to relax during your downtime. Get a massage. Binge watch a new TV show. Make sure you’re doing something to unwind. ~ Get your own holiday shopping done as soon as possible. The sooner you’ve bought gifts, wrapped them, and mailed them, the less you have to worry about in your free time. ~ Don’t take it personally if a customer yells at you or complains about the mail. They may be having a bad day. They may be trying to get a package to a sick relative. You don’t know their situation, so show kindness in return. ~ Chat with the people on your route if they start a conversation. It makes your day more pleasant and is excellent customer service. ~ Don’t ignore your mental health. Meditate. Talk to loved ones about how you are doing. Don’t skip medications or therapy sessions if you need them. Ignoring your mental health makes working much harder. ~ Think of the mail and packages you have to deliver in a positive light. Think of the happy faces on children who get gifts from relatives. Think of the grandparents who are thrilled to get a Christmas card. Think about old college roommates, sending a nostalgic package. The holidays are a season of joy, and you are helping to spread that joy with your job. That is an amazing gift.