Stay Safe in Snowy Conditions

Stay Safe in Snowy Conditions
lettercarrierouterwear The recent snowstorm has made mail delivery tough, and it’s a good reminder that delivering the mail can be a dangerous task. Remember that if conditions appear to be unsafe for mail delivery, don’t take the risk. We’ve put together some guidelines for you to follow to help judge if an area is too unsafe for mail delivery.
  1. Check to see if there is a path to the mailbox. Trudging through knee high snow is going to only make you wet and cold. In addition, there’s no way of knowing what may be under the snow. An obstacle you cannot see can cause you to trip and injure yourself.
  2. If stairs need to be climbed, make sure it is safe to do so. This includes looking for snow and ice and ensuring railings are usable if you need to use them. Make sure to check any overhangs as well. Snow and icicles could be hanging there precariously and may fall at any moment.
  3. If you are delivering to curbside mailboxes, ensure that enough snow has been cleared for you to drive to the mailbox. You don’t want your vehicle to become stuck.
  4. Keep an eye on icy sidewalks. If someone’s sidewalk is a sheet of ice, it is not safe to trek across. If you fall and injure yourself, you may not be able to get back up. In winter this can have very severe consequences.
  5. Use your judgment. Many of you have been delivering the mail for a long time. Know what you can handle and what you cannot. Don’t push your limits when it comes to your safety. If you know a route is not safe for you, then don’t use it!
January is nearly over, but there’s already the threat of another winter storm next week. Stay safe out there!