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Safety While Delivering After Dark

Daylight savings time is this weekend, which means it is going to start getting dark sooner. With the holiday season nearly here, that means you face an increased risk of delivering mail and parcels after dark. Delivering in the dark comes with increased risk. There’s no one-size-fits-all method for remaining safe when delivering at night, but we’ve got some tips that will hopefully help out. Tip 1: Stick to the safest path when making deliveries. You will save time cutting across lawns, but in the dark you are less likely to see hazards on the ground such as lawn decorations or holes. Stay on the sidewalk. Tip 2: Watch where you walk. Again, fingering mail while walking saves time, but in the dark you need to keep your eyes peeled for hazards. Otherwise you may miss hazards such as cracks in the sidewalk. This can lead to trips, falls, and injuries. Tip 3: Invest in a headlamp or flashlight. This, of course, makes it much easier to spot any hazards that may be in your path. Tip 4: Be wary when on your route of dogs. At night they can be harder to spot, and if a dog sees you approaching its home at night and doesn’t know you, it may attack. Tip 5: The same can be said for people. While uncommon, letter carriers have been threatened and even killed at night while delivering the mail and packages. Sometimes this is because homeowners do not expect someone on their porch late at night. Keep an eye out for dangerous situations near homes. Tip 6: Assess the area you are delivering to. Is it an unsafe neighborhood? Does it have a lot of hazards in the daylight? Consider bringing this up to your supervisor. Your safety is the top priority. Tip 7: Make sure to always watch for traffic when crossing the street or exiting your vehicle. While you would expect cars to have their headlights on that is not always the case, and a driver may not see you.