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How to Measure for Postal Shirts?

How to Measure for Postal Shirts?
One article of clothing typifies what a postal worker looks like. Many can recognize postal workers by their postal uniform and especially by the shirts that they way. Whether you are a Letter Carrier, Window Clerk or Mail Handler, or whether you like the button down shirts, shirts jacs or the popular polo shirts, every shirt features the USPS logo letting passer bys know that you represent the USPS. Make sure you look your best with the best fit for every shirt. Here’s a breakdown on the measurements you need to determine the correct size shirt.     Neck – Measure around base of neck, just below the Adam’s apple, allowing for a comfortable fit, about a finger width of room. Chest/Bust  Measure the fullest part of the chest. Men just under the arms; women across the fullest part of the bust. Sleeves – Measure from the center of the back between the shoulders out to the shoulder, and down to the wrist with a slightly bent elbow.         Once you have the measurements in place, you can order the shirts based on the sizes provided by the retailers. However, if shirts are only available in letter sizes, you can use the Size Conversion Chart for Postal Uniforms to find the right shirt.