Featured Product: Stamps

Featured Product: Stamps
Here at MyPostalUniforms.com, it is obvious that we sell USPS uniform items. But did you know that we also sell stamps? We have four main categories to choose from, with different options within each one! A lot of people don’t know that we sell stamps, so this week we’re going to feature each category and give you a breakdown of the type of stuff we carry!  

Best Selling Pre-Inked Counter Stamps

S1002052 These stamps all come pre-inked and are made for counter use. Our stamps feature a retractable frame, which eliminates a need for stamp pads. The stamps can create up to 100,000 impressions before they need to be refilled. These stamps are commonly used in post offices across the country and are sure to come in handy while you are working. Some examples of stamps that we carry include Air Mail, Do Not Bend, First Class Mail, and much more. Click the link above to browse all of our counter stamp options.  

Best Selling Pre-Inked Carrier Stamps

bestsellingcarrierstamps Our carrier stamps are small and pre-inked to make them easy to carry while on a route. The ink is easily refilled so they can be used again and again. The top of the stamps come with bold labels to make them easy to identify. Some examples of stamp options include Insufficient Address, Returned For Postage, and Vacant. Always have the stamps you need with you to get the job done. Check out all of our stamps today by following the link above.    

Dater Stamps

N1002271c Our dater stamps are sure to fit all of your needs. Print your month, date, and year as needed with different colors of inks. We have several stamp options, including a Twist Dater Stamp which comes with a 6-year date band and a 10-Year Custom Circular Dater Stamp which comes with a 10-year date kit. Follow the link to check out the products for the full details.        

Custom Ink Stamps

N1017427b So, maybe you’ve browsed our stamps and we just don’t have what you’re looking for. Well you’re in luck! You can design your own stamp to meet your specific needs, and we’ll make it for you! Our custom stamps come with a retractable frame to help fight smudging. We offer custom stamps in red, blue, black, green, and purple ink. For more details about how to order, simply follow the link.         And that’s it for our stamps! As you can see we have tons to choose from, and we want you to know all of your options. We hope you had a lovely Labor Day weekend!