Beat the Sun

Beat the Sun
August has arrived, and we’re right in the middle of summer. The sun in much of the USA is hot and bright. This can cause a lot of problems for USPS employees. Don’t let the sun get you down! Beat the sun with our great summer inform items! We’ve featured summer uniform items on this blog before, but this week is different. This week is all about protecting yourself from the sun. Below we’ve featured four items to help you keep the sun from blinding you as you do your job. Take a look, and don’t forget to check out all of our uniform items on MyPostalUniforms.com! Okay, let’s get started on that sun protection!  

US Postal Service Sun Hat

N1028849BIG This sun hat is made with breathable nylon approved for high sun protection and has been engineered for maximum cooling. The hat is durable and features a 3” rim width to protect your face. It has UPF 50 sun protection and is made in the USA. It comes in sizes S-XL, with detailed size measurements available on the product page.  

Postal Carrier Sun Visor

N1026685bIG These postal carrier sun visors are designed to provide protection from the sun during the hot summer months. The visor allows for ventilation to the top of the head to help keep you cool on your route. The visors have an adjustable back, making them one size fits all. The USPS patch is on the front and the visor is made in the USA. It is a great summer item.  

Mesh Sun Helmet for Carriers

N1026681bIG It can be hard to complete your route when the sun beats on your head and neck all day long. This mesh sun helmet can help with that very problem! The mesh design allows for overall ventilation to help keep you cool all day. It even comes with an elastic chin strap to help keep it secure on your head. This product is made in the USA.  

Summer Postal Baseball Cap

N1026685bIG The sun can be harsh when letter carriers are on their routes all day. Keep your head and eyes safe from the harsh sun with this summer postal baseball cap. The back of the cap is made of mesh for ventilation and is adjustable. This cap includes the USPS patch on the front and was made in the USA. Stay safe and buy one, today!   There you have it! Still looking for more ways to beat the heat? Check out our full selection of summer uniform items! We also have non-reimbursable accessories that can make the summer months even easier. But don’t obsess over the heat. Get out there in your free time and enjoy the summer! After all, soon enough it will be winter and we’ll all be missing the sun. Until next time!