Update Regarding CCA Uniforms

There are some new changes to how ordering letter carrier uniforms works, and due to that, there will also be some changes to how MyPostalUniforms.com operates. A new order form is being implemented instead of CCA’s being provided with a debit card. The local Postmaster will pay for a purchase either by check or credit card. Following this, PPU will invoice the Postmaster. Due to this new format PPU will only be able to accept orders on the Official USPS CCA order form. You can find a sample of the new form here. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-229-4500 for further assistance. In the meantime, it seems that winter has finally ended and spring is here, which means our spring items are sure to come in handy. You can browse our selection of postal shirts and shoes. Or, to make it easier for you, we've created an entire section specifically for spring uniforms. Enjoy the weather and be sure to keep an eye on this blog for deals and updates every week!