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Triple Gold Service Star: 45 years

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Product #: N1027773

Uniformed employees may choose to wear service stars to show their time in service to the United States Postal Service. Stars measure 3/8". Triple gold stars indicate 45 years of postal service.

Model Description
N1027771 Single Gold
N1027772 Double Gold
N1027773 Triple Gold
N1027774 Quad Gold
N1027775 Single Silver
N1027776 Double Silver
N1027777 Triple Silver
N1027778 Quad Silver
N1027779 Quintet Silver
N1028558 Sextet Silver

# of Stars Years of Service
1 Silver 5 yrs
2 Silver 10 yrs
3 Silver 15 yrs
4 Silver 20 yrs
5 Silver 25 yrs
6 Silver 30 yrs
1 Gold 35 yrs
2 Gold 40 yrs
3 Gold 45 yrs
4 Gold 50 yrs