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ErgoMates Anti-Fatigue Sandals

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Product #: N1027067
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ErgoMates are fully-adjustable, mobile anti-fatigue matting that strap onto almost any type of footwear, dramatically reducing pain and fatigue that Postal Workers experience when on their feet for extended periods. The Ergomates Anti-Fatigue Sandals also help maintain comfort, energy, vitality and mental acuity. These sandals feature an easy-to-put-on design with excellent slip resistance that reduces impact shock while walking and returns energy while striding, perfect for Letter Carriers and Postal employees who spend most of the day on their feet. The adjustable strap offers a snug fit custom to your foot. Ergomates also inculate your feet from cold floors and vibration.

- Men's Sizes-S Women's Sizes-S Men's Sizes-B Women's Sizes-B
X-Small - 4-6 - 4-5
Small 6-7 7-8 5-6 6-7
Medium 8-10 9-11 7-9 8-10
Large 11-13 12-13 10-12 11-13
X-Large 14-16 - 13-15 -

S = Sizes for sneakers
B = Sizes for work boots