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Postal Rainwear Bonnet Style Hood Universal

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Product #: N1026535

This Postal Rainwear Bonnet Style Hood is certified by the United States Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility. The Bonnet style, havelock-type hood simply overlays the postal jackets but does not attach. Instead, this Letter Carrier uniform accessory features a turnback face cuff with drawcord and capelet that has a snap closure at the top of the capelet under the chin. Universal sizing.

Model Description Size
N1026527 42 in. Long Coat XS-2XL
N1027383 42 in. Long Coat 3XL-6XL
N1026529 Lined Parka XS-2XL
N1027384 Lined Parka 3XL-6XL
N1026531 Trousers XS-2XL
N1027385 Trousers 3XL-6XL
N1026533 35 in. Long Cape Universal
N1026534 Leggings Universal
N1026535 Bonnet Style Hood Universal
N1027753 Detachable Hood Universal