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Letter Carriers &
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Type 1 Postal Uniforms

Shop Postal Uniform items for Type I Uniforms including: Postal Uniform Rainwear, Postal Worker Caps, Letter Carrier Sun Helmets and Winter Hats, USPS Uniform Belts, Postal Uniform Gloves, , Letter Carrier Shorts, USPS Jackets and Parkas.

Retail Operations &
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Type 2 Postal Uniforms

Browse a variety of Type II Uniforms such as Window Clerk Shirts, Postal Vests and Sweaters, Neckwear, Window Clerk Skirts, USPS Uniform Pants, and more.

Work Clothes
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Type 3 Postal Uniforms

Choose from a selection of Type III Uniforms including t-shirts, denim shirts and more.

Postal Approved Footwear

All Uniforms types can shop from a variety of Postal Socks and Postal Shoes.

Postal Uniforms For Letter Carriers, Window Clerks, & More

MyPostalUniforms.com is an independently owned small business. Unlike our competitors, we are not affiliated with any other uniform websites, and we remain committed to providing an exceptional experience. Thank you for supporting Postal Products Unlimited, Inc.

MyPostalUniforms.com offers quality USPS Approved Postal Employee Uniforms and Postal Clothing items from USPS certified manufacturers. The majority of our products are USA Made with a strong emphasis on union-made goods.

Postal Employees: Order Postal Uniforms and other postal clothing items approved for your position using your Uniform Purchase Allowance Card; Receive 10% Off when purchasing reimbursable items on your Uniform Allowance Card. To ensure quality of service and timeliness of delivery, MyPostalUniforms.com maintains three million dollars worth of stocked supplies and uniforms. Stocked items ship within 24 hours with Postal Uniform items shipping via the U.S. Postal Service.