Stay Cool with Summer Uniforms

Summer is underway, which means hot sun and hot temperatures, leading to hot working conditions. While there’s not much you can do about the temperatures themselves, you can outfit yourself in uniform items that will keep you as cool as possible. Today we’re going to break down the contents of our Summer Postal Uniforms category.

N1029381_1_1When it comes to keeping cool, having the right postal shirt is very important. Of course, you’ll want to go with something that has short sleeves to get more air. You may choose to go with a more traditional postal shirt, or you may opt for the more comfortable knit postal shirt. No matter what you choose, make sure it has short sleeves!

N1026593cNext, you’ll need to consider if you want to opt for pants, shorts, or the popular culottes. We advise you to steer clear of pants in the summer months, as that will trap heat around your legs. You can find multiple styles of shorts to suit your needs on our website. Our culottes are a great way to make your uniform a bit more classy while still having the same great benefits of shorts.

N1028849Another consideration is if you want to wear a hat. We highly recommend this. Hats keep the sun off your head and neck, which will have a significant impact on how hot or cool you are feeling. There are several styles to choose from. Choosing a postal hat that is made with breathable fabric or some sort of ventilation is ideal, as it will not only keep the sun off but allow for some air flow.

N1021885cWe also encourage you to take a look at our non-reimbursable summer accessories. You’ll have to pay for these out of pocket, but the benefits of these items are worth it. We’re going to highlight just a couple for you. Our neck cooling wrap can be submerged in cold water or chilled in the freezer. This will give you up to 72 hours of relief from the heat. Similarly, our bandanna can be worn under a hat after being soaked in water to keep you cool. Use these items to stay extra cool on extra hot days.

When it comes to the uniforms that will keep you cool, these are the best of the best. This doesn’t cover general tips for staying cool during the summer. Check back early next month for all our tips for looking after yourself, both inside and outside of your vehicle, during the hotter months. Stay cool and stay safe out there!

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Top Picks for Summer Hats


There’s only one day left to get on and order our summer postal baseball cap for $7.75! After that, it will go back to its regular price. We love this cap. They protect letter carriers from the sun while on their routes and have a great design that letter carriers love. The mesh back provides ventilation to help keep employees cool while they work. This is a great product that is perfect for summer.

So that got us thinking…what other postal hats do we love for the summer months? Hats are an important part of the letter carrier uniform, whether it’s summer and you need protection from the sun or winter and you need them to keep warm. So in this blog we’ll be featuring some of our favorite hats for summer!


Our favorite summer postal hat when it comes to sun protection is our sun helmet! This classic design has been around for many years because it is effective for keeping sun away from eyes and necks. Our sun helmet has ventilation holes to help keep you cool, as well as an elastic chin strap to keep the hat firmly on your head. This quality item is made right here in the USA.


Another one of our favorite hat products for summer is the postal sun hat, approved by the USPS! This hat is made with a breathable nylon fabric which is not only good for keeping you cool, but offers UPF 50 sun protection! What we love about this hat is it offers the protection of a sun helmet, but it is lightweight and easy to wash. This hat comes with a USPS patch so you can show off your employee pride while you work.


The last summer hat we really want to feature is the postal carrier sun visor. We love this product. It provides protection from the sun, but has an open top for plenty of ventilation from the summer heat. These union-made visors have an adjustable back, allowing them to be one size fits all. Show off your postal pride with the USPS insignia patch on the front!


We hope you love these postal summer hats as much as we do. They make great additions to your uniform and offer great protection from the sun.

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