Beat the Heat this Summer

pexels-photo-large (1)July is underway, which means brighter sun, higher humidity, and hotter temperatures. Working as a letter carrier is a tough job under normal conditions, but it becomes even more challenging during extreme weather, including the summer sun and heat. Not only is it a challenge, it can also be extremely dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions. Luckily we’ve put together this helpful guide to keep you as cool as possible this summer.

  1. Always make sure to dress correctly for the weather. Lightly colored and lightweight clothing should be worn at all times. Hats are great for keeping the sun off your head and neck.
  2. Keep hydrated. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to become dehydrated in the heat. Drink before, during, and after your shift. Freeze water bottles the night before so you’ll have a large supply of cold water throughout the day.
  3. Keep in the shade as much as possible. Direct sunlight makes a bigger difference than you would think. If you run into customers along your route you may even ask if you can cut through their yards to stick to the shaded areas.
  4. Keep a small fan in your truck if your vehicle doesn’t have air conditioning. To cool off further, use some water to get your face and neck damp before sitting in front of the fan.
  5. Invest in some specialty items that can help you stay cool such as a neck cooling wrap. You can freeze these items overnight then keep them wrapped around your head or neck for comfort.
  6. Fill a spray bottle with cold water and spray yourself with it throughout your shift. If you can re-fill it do so, but make sure it’s cold water to get the full effects.
  7. During your lunch break get inside somewhere that has air conditioning for a longer cool off. This can help you get through the last few hours of your shift.
  8. If you have long hair be sure to tie it up. Hair resting against the back of your neck can make you feel significantly hotter.
  9. Don’t restrict a fan to your truck; bring a portable one on your route! This is particularly helpful on days without wind.
  10. Try to have a positive attitude. It can be tough when you’re stuck out in the boiling heat, but a change in attitude can really make a difference. Turn it into a joke. It won’t change the temperature, but it can make it more bearable.

In addition to keeping cool, you also have to keep track of your body while in the sun. Heat stress and heat stroke are very real problems that you need to keep an eye on. If you begin experiencing headaches, dizziness, nausea, confusion, fatigue, or muscle cramps, you need to seek assistance right away. Call your supervisor or, if appropriate, 911. Don’t take a risk when it comes to your health, as heat related illness can kill you. If caught early enough you may not need medical attention. Stop activity, move to a cool location, and drink water or sports drinks. If symptoms do not improve, you will need to seek medical attention.

Good luck out there this summer!

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Stay Cool with Summer Uniforms

Summer is underway, which means hot sun and hot temperatures, leading to hot working conditions. While there’s not much you can do about the temperatures themselves, you can outfit yourself in uniform items that will keep you as cool as possible. Today we’re going to break down the contents of our Summer Postal Uniforms category.

N1029381_1_1When it comes to keeping cool, having the right postal shirt is very important. Of course, you’ll want to go with something that has short sleeves to get more air. You may choose to go with a more traditional postal shirt, or you may opt for the more comfortable knit postal shirt. No matter what you choose, make sure it has short sleeves!

N1026593cNext, you’ll need to consider if you want to opt for pants, shorts, or the popular culottes. We advise you to steer clear of pants in the summer months, as that will trap heat around your legs. You can find multiple styles of shorts to suit your needs on our website. Our culottes are a great way to make your uniform a bit more classy while still having the same great benefits of shorts.

N1028849Another consideration is if you want to wear a hat. We highly recommend this. Hats keep the sun off your head and neck, which will have a significant impact on how hot or cool you are feeling. There are several styles to choose from. Choosing a postal hat that is made with breathable fabric or some sort of ventilation is ideal, as it will not only keep the sun off but allow for some air flow.

N1021885cWe also encourage you to take a look at our non-reimbursable summer accessories. You’ll have to pay for these out of pocket, but the benefits of these items are worth it. We’re going to highlight just a couple for you. Our neck cooling wrap can be submerged in cold water or chilled in the freezer. This will give you up to 72 hours of relief from the heat. Similarly, our bandanna can be worn under a hat after being soaked in water to keep you cool. Use these items to stay extra cool on extra hot days.

When it comes to the uniforms that will keep you cool, these are the best of the best. This doesn’t cover general tips for staying cool during the summer. Check back early next month for all our tips for looking after yourself, both inside and outside of your vehicle, during the hotter months. Stay cool and stay safe out there!

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Keep Cool with Summer Uniform Items

We’re approaching the middle of July, which means we’re right in the middle of summer. Depending where in the country you live, it can get very hot in summer. It is important to stay cool and comfortable during these hot months. Luckily can assist you with that. We have a large selection of summer postal uniforms for you to choose from, as well as summer non-reimbursable accessories. Whether you’re looking for the basics to stay comfortable or some extras to make your job easier, we can provide it for you.

Below we’ve featured some of our most popular summer uniform items to give you a sample of what we have to offer. But don’t just check out our blog! We have tons of items to offer on our website. Don’t suffer all summer, just shop today!




Women’s Postal Shirt Jacs *New*


These shirts are union made and feature a five button placket front, left breast patch pocket with a hidden pencil compartment, and more. Follow the link to get full details on this great item!







Men’s Letter Carrier Shorts


These USPS shorts are made in the USA and are great for letter carriers. The lightweight shorts are comfortable and functional, making them ideal for long, hot summers.







Sunscreen Towelettes


It is important to protect yourself from the sun, especially in summer when the sun is hotter and out longer. These sunscreen towelettes are perfect for that. The non-greasy sunscreen has an SPF of 30. Each one has enough sunscreen to cover the face, neck, arms, and legs of most adults.






Cooling Towel


Letter carriers can benefit from this new item to help keep them cool while walking their routes in the heat. Simply soak the towel in cold water, wring it out, and place it on your neck or head. The towel will stay cool for hours to help fight heat exhaustion.







Sun Hat


This new postal sun hat is approved by the USPS and is made with breathable nylon fabric. It offers UPF 50 sun protection and is lightweight and washable.




That’s just a sampling of the many items we have to offer you for the summer months. Don’t let the heat get you down! We’re sure we have all the items you need to help your work be as cool and comfortable as possible.

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Until next time!

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