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Have you checked out our what’s new tab lately? All of our newest products end up in this tab so you never miss out on our new items! We have two separate categories…reimbursable postal uniform products, and non-reimbursable uniform products. Each time we get a new item we place it in these sections. It is a great way to keep up with the latest items we have available.

So this week, we at are going to feature some of our newest products. Specifically, we’re going to focus on some of our new reimbursable products that are great for the changing season. September is nearly over, and in some areas of the USA snow can start as early as October. It’s better to be prepared now than to be caught without the right uniform items later.

So, here we go!


Waterproof Winter Gloves


These new winter gloves are designed for wet and cold winter conditions. The triple layer technology will keep your hands warm and dry during your route! Of course they will…because these gloves are 100% waterproof and windproof. The gloves are machine washable, but make sure to air dry them after. If you work in an area that has tough winters, these gloves are perfect for you.







Double Layer Crew and Quarter Socks


The technology of these new socks will keep moisture away from your feet and absorb friction and foot shear. This will leave your feet in the healthiest environment that is possible, which is important when you are on your feet in the cold all day. Keeping your feet dry is paramount while on your route. Follow the link to check out all the sizes we have available.






Men’s Reebok Waterproof GORE-TEX Boot


These postal boots were made to last you for miles and miles. They are both durable and flexible for the ultimate comfort on your route. These boots are supportive and will last you a long time, and their waterproof feature is great for the more snowy months.






Gore-Tex Insulated Gloves Women’s


Durable gloves are essential if you are working in an environment where winter sets in, and these gloves are perfect for that. Not only are the gloves durable, but they are insulted. This is great for keeping your hands warm while on your route. They’re also designed to prevent your hands from getting wet, and to not rip while on the job.






That is just a small sampling of the different new items we have to offer. So go check out all our newest items! And don’t limit yourself only to our new items…we have so many to choose from.

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Sweater Sale!

Temperatures are starting to fall, and soon the season of fall will be upon us. Don’t let it catch you off guard! Shop today, so you can stay warm later!

How exactly can you do that? You can do that by taking advantage of this week’s sale. Save $5.00 off all postal sweaters and vests when you shop, today! You don’t even need a discount code because the sweaters have already been discounted on our website. This makes shopping easier and more convenient than ever.

September is half over and fall is nearly here. Soon the last traces of summer heat will be gone. Once those fall temperatures set in, sweaters will be on everyone’s mind. These USPS approved sweaters and sweater vests are great for work. They keep you looking professional and warm at the same time.

Below we’ve listed several examples of the sweaters we have to choose from. Take a look!


Bulky Knit Carrier Sweater



This union made sweater will keep letter carrier’s warm while on their route. It’s great for this time of year when the seasons are changing.

It features a zippered front, crew neck, and two pockets. We carry sizes extra small through extra large. These sweaters come complete the USPS logo.Follow the link to buy, now!







Window Clerk Cardigan Sweater



This unisex cardigan postal sweater is perfect to keep you warm during the colder months.

It features a Jacquard knit, a button down front, and eyelets on the front panel which is perfect for a USPS name badge. This item comes in sizes extra small through extra large. This sweater is also union made!








Navy Work Cardigan Sweater



Another union made postal item that is sure to meet your needs!

This classic navy cardigan feature a jersey knit construction with a stand up collar, making it durable and long lasting. It has two front pockets with inside elbow patches. These cardigans are unisex and come in sizes extra small through extra large.





That’s just a sample of the sweaters we have to offer. So get browsing now, before this sale ends!

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Featured Product: Stamps

Here at, it is obvious that we sell USPS uniform items. But did you know that we also sell stamps?

We have four main categories to choose from, with different options within each one! A lot of people don’t know that we sell stamps, so this week we’re going to feature each category and give you a breakdown of the type of stuff we carry!


Best Selling Pre-Inked Counter Stamps


These stamps all come pre-inked and are made for counter use. Our stamps feature a retractable frame, which eliminates a need for stamp pads. The stamps can create up to 100,000 impressions before they need to be refilled. These stamps are commonly used in post offices across the country and are sure to come in handy while you are working.

Some examples of stamps that we carry include Air Mail, Do Not Bend, First Class Mail, and much more. Click the link above to browse all of our counter stamp options.


Best Selling Pre-Inked Carrier Stamps


Our carrier stamps are small and pre-inked to make them easy to carry while on a route. The ink is easily refilled so they can be used again and again. The top of the stamps come with bold labels to make them easy to identify.

Some examples of stamp options include Insufficient Address, Returned For Postage, and Vacant. Always have the stamps you need with you to get the job done. Check out all of our stamps today by following the link above.



Dater Stamps


Our dater stamps are sure to fit all of your needs. Print your month, date, and year as needed with different colors of inks.

We have several stamp options, including a Twist Dater Stamp which comes with a 6-year date band and a 10-Year Custom Circular Dater Stamp which comes with a 10-year date kit. Follow the link to check out the products for the full details.





Custom Ink Stamps


So, maybe you’ve browsed our stamps and we just don’t have what you’re looking for. Well you’re in luck! You can design your own stamp to meet your specific needs, and we’ll make it for you!

Our custom stamps come with a retractable frame to help fight smudging. We offer custom stamps in red, blue, black, green, and purple ink. For more details about how to order, simply follow the link.





And that’s it for our stamps! As you can see we have tons to choose from, and we want you to know all of your options. We hope you had a lovely Labor Day weekend!

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