New Sizes in Work Shirts is dedicated to providing the best service possible. That is why we are now offering select work shirts in new sizes! Below you will find a list of our work shirts that now come in sizes 5XL and 6XL. It is our hope that these additional sizes will meet our customer’s approval.

And don’t stop shopping there! We have a full line of work clothes for USPS employees available on our site. We carry items such as shirts, pants, outerwear, and more! See our entire selection there. But for now, here are our shirts in our new sizes!


Men’s Light Blue Long Sleeve Work Shirt Reg & Long 5-6XL


These USPS work shirts are treated with a soil release finish for easy care and to make them long lasting. They also feature two button-through pockets, a collar with stays, and a six button front. These shirts will help you get the job done in the sizes that you need.


Men’s Light Blue Short Sleeve Work Shirt 5-6XL; Long 5XL


These light blue USPS work shirts are designed to be long lasting and easy to care for. They feature a permanent press poly/cotton blend, two button-through pockets, and much more!


Men’s Navy Long Sleeve Work Shirt Reg & Long 5-6XL


These postal shirts need no special care, because they are treated with a soil released finish. The classic navy work shirts come with the USPS logo patch that is pictured. Designed to last you a long time, these shirts are a great buy.


Men’s Navy Short Sleeve Work Shirt Reg & Long 5-6XL


These short-sleeved, men’s USPS shirts are long lasting and require no special care. These classic shirts are ideal for the job, and with our new sizes they’re a great fit for even more people! Take a look today!


And there you have it! Don’t wait, start shopping our new sizes today! Have questions? We have multiple ways for you to get in contact with us. Call us at 800-229-4500, fax us at 800-570-0007, use our live chat, email us at, or go HERE to use our contact form!

Until next week!

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