Happy National Postal Worker’s Day!

Today is July 1st, and that means it is National Postal Worker’s Day! Letter carrier’s work in harsh conditions. Six days a week, they deliver mail in rain, snow, storms, extreme heat, extreme cold, and more. Today is the day to appreciate their hard work. MYPostalUnifroms.com is doing this with a sale that runs through this whole week! In celebration of National Postal Worker’s Day, take $3 off selected Thorlos socks!

Letter Carriers walk many miles daily, carrying mail everywhere they go. Due to this, it can put quite a strain on feet, especially without the appropriate footwear. All of these postal socks are perfect for letter carriers and will help keep feet healthy.

Our full selection of the included sale is below. Check out the products and if there’s something you like, simple click the link to be taken to our website! No promo code required. All discounts are applied directly.



N1028560Find details HERE

White Mini Crew Postal Socks with Blue Stripes.

The socks are designed to reduce fatigue caused by walking and standing. This makes them perfect for both letter carriers and window clerks. These socks have midweight padding and moisture wicking. Plus, these socks are durable and should last you a long time!



N1028561Find details HERE

Blue Mini Crew Postal Sock with Blue Stripes.

These socks are ideal for both letter carriers and window clerks! The padding at the ball and heel of the sock helps protect against blisters, shock, impact, and abrasion. These durable socks will last you longer than many other brands, making them an economic option!



N1026518Find details HERE

Black Over the Calf Support Socks.

These USPS approved socks are perfect for postal employees. The effective moisture evaporation with these socks will keep your feet dry, while the padding protects from blisters. If you’re a USPS employee who is on their feet all day, these are perfect for you.



N1026513Find details HERE

White Over the Calf Socks with Postal Blue Stripe.

Perfect for comfort and protection for USPS employees who are on their feet most of the day. These socks have a flat knit instep, which offers a great fit and moisture protection. The design makes these socks extremely durable so they should last you a while.





Find details HERE

Navy Over the Calf Socks with Postal Blue Stripe.

Our postal socks are USPS approved and are great for letter carriers and window clerks. The design helps to protect feet from blisters, impact, and more. Acrylic keeps your feet drier on the inside, keeping your feet healthy and comfortable all day long!



N1026515Find details HERE

Black Crew Socks with White Toe.

With how long postal employees have to be on their feet, it is important that their socks are comfortable and prevent moisture. You can find both of these qualities in these USPS approved postal socks. Just follow the link to this product to get all the details!



N1026516Find details HERE

Black Over the Calf Socks with White Toe.

If you’re looking for a functional postal sock that protects your feet and is comfortable, then this product is perfect for you. These socks have moisture evaporation and are designed to protect against blisters, impact, and abrasions. Follow the link for full details!



And that’s it! We hope that this sale will be helpful to all USPS employees. And we wanted to ourselves take a moment to thank you. We understand how much hard work goes into delivering the mail, and postal workers deserve much more appreciation than they get.

Until next week.

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New Catalog Sneak Peek

Last week we announced our new, 2014-2015 uniform catalog. Today we’re giving you a sneak peek into some of the items offered in it. We have some classics in our catalog, as well as some brand new items! Below are several featured items that you can buy in our store now. But not everything coming in our catalog is on our site yet, so don’t forget to request your free catalog today!


Women’s Knit Shirt Long M-XL N1026718BIG


This is the most popular shirt style with postal employees. These comfortable shirts are a great alternative to button down dress shirts.



Men’s Thorogood Bowl Oxford with Safety Toe N1030360BIG


These postal approved shoes will keep feet cool and dry. Steel tipped safety toe feature gives the wearer extra protection while on the job.



Thermal Insoles N1030343BIG


This product will keep your feet both warm and dry. They are reusable for added convenience!




Waterproof Winter Gloves S-2XL N1030332BIG


These gloves are specifically designed for cold, wet winters. Follow the link for a full list of features.




This is just a sample of what our new catalog has to offer. If we’ve caught your interest, look below for the full preview. Once you do that we’re sure you’ll be ready to order your free copy!



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