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LLV Windshield and Mirror Covers

LLV Windshield and Mirror Covers keep ice and snow from forming or stickign to windshield and mirrors. Prevents carriers from having to scrape or brush windows and mirrors clean. An excellent product for LLVs that are parked outside overnight. The windshield cover attaches by closing two metal hooks located on the end fo the cover between the door and the door frame. Then pull cover over the window and hook it onto the opposing door frame.

This product is NOT REIMBURSABLE with the USPS Uniform Allowance Card.   


Product No. Description Price Add
N1023658 LLV Windshield and Mirror Covers $124.60 add
N1026847 Windshield Cover (individual) $61.10 add
N1026848 Small Side Mirror Covers (Pack of 2) $9.25 add
N1026849 Large Side Mirror Covers (Pack of 2) $11.50 add
N1026915 Guide Mirror Covers (Pack of 2) $9.00 add
N1028427 LLV Window Shield $87.00 add
80004 Windshield Cover Bag $22.05 add