Top Picks for Winter Specialties

Winter is still in full swing. By now we’re sure most of you have stocked up on winter uniform items, but do you have specialty items to make your job easier in winter? has a great selection of non-reimbursable winter specialty items for letter carriers! These products help you to deal with the cold, snow, ice, and more.

Below we’ve picked our absolute favorite specialty items. Take a look and consider investing a bit of extra money to make your job a little bit easier.

Feel Dry Performance WearN1027204c

While working all day, you want to be comfortable and dry. This product will help you achieve that. The microfiber polyester fabric will pull the sweat away from your body to the surface of the fabric. Here it evaporates, which will leave your skin cool and dry. It also acts as an ideal base layer on cold days. We have options for both upper body and lower body protection.

S1000176Hand and Toe Heaters

Sometimes socks and gloves just aren’t enough for cold winter weather. Heaters can be placed in pockets or shoes for extra warmth. They’re sold in pairs and are guaranteed to provide you with five hours of warmth or more. These heaters can get very warm, giving you relief from the bitter winter cold and winds. We cannot recommend them enough! A little extra warmth really goes a long way.

LLV Windshield and Mirror CoversN1023658g

Keep snow and ice off your vehicle with this high quality product. Nobody enjoys scraping windows and cleaning off vehicles. By investing in covers, you can avoid the headache and save yourself time. Use covers for the windows of your vehicle and even your mirrors. If your truck is parked outside overnight, this is perfect for you.

N1027192bSno Pro

If you don’t want to invest in a windshield cover, you’re going to have to clean off your vehicle yourself. Something that many people tend to forget is that snow gathers on more than just the windshields. The Sno Pro allows you to clean the entire body of a vehicle without fear of damaging the paint. The handle extends to 48” so you can easily reach the top of your vehicle as well!

LLV Tire ChainsN1024736

Being safe in winter weather is extremely important. Letter carriers spend the majority of their shifts walking around outside, but they also are required to do a lot of driving. These tire chains will improve your traction on snow and ice. Turn corners and brake more safely by driving with these high quality chains.


These are just a few of the many non-reimbursable specialty items we have that will make winter easier on you. You can find the rest here. Take care of yourself out there!

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Stay Safe in Snowy Conditions

lettercarrierouterwearThe recent snowstorm has made mail delivery tough, and it’s a good reminder that delivering the mail can be a dangerous task. Remember that if conditions appear to be unsafe for mail delivery, don’t take the risk. We’ve put together some guidelines for you to follow to help judge if an area is too unsafe for mail delivery.

  1. Check to see if there is a path to the mailbox. Trudging through knee high snow is going to only make you wet and cold. In addition, there’s no way of knowing what may be under the snow. An obstacle you cannot see can cause you to trip and injure yourself.
  2. If stairs need to be climbed, make sure it is safe to do so. This includes looking for snow and ice and ensuring railings are usable if you need to use them. Make sure to check any overhangs as well. Snow and icicles could be hanging there precariously and may fall at any moment.
  3. If you are delivering to curbside mailboxes, ensure that enough snow has been cleared for you to drive to the mailbox. You don’t want your vehicle to become stuck.
  4. Keep an eye on icy sidewalks. If someone’s sidewalk is a sheet of ice, it is not safe to trek across. If you fall and injure yourself, you may not be able to get back up. In winter this can have very severe consequences.
  5. Use your judgment. Many of you have been delivering the mail for a long time. Know what you can handle and what you cannot. Don’t push your limits when it comes to your safety. If you know a route is not safe for you, then don’t use it!

January is nearly over, but there’s already the threat of another winter storm next week. Stay safe out there!

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Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for your favorite USPS employee? We have a great selection of items that would make a perfect gift for a postal employee this holiday season! But don’t wait. Christmas is just around the corner. Keep reading to see our top picks for postal gifts!

N1017289Leatherette Briefcase with USPS Logo:

This bag will give USPS employees plenty of space to store their stuff and show off their pride in the USPS at the same time! This is a great briefcase for work or travel. This briefcase features a sleek, professional design, tough handles, multiple pockets for organized storage, and the USPS logo on the front. This briefcase is sure to impress this holiday season!


N1027209c (1)Telescoping Scrape – Snowbrush – Squeegee:

Snow and frost is a pain to deal with during the winter months. It can be even worse for USPS employees who must clear larger vehicles before driving. This telescoping scrape makes it possible to remove these hazards from all parts of the vehicle with little effort needed. It extends to 59” and retracts back down to 39”. Not only that, but this snowbrush doubles as a squeegee, making it a practical and necessary gift!



N1026614Window Clerk Hair Accessories:

This line of hair accessories for window clerks will add a bit of flair to any uniform! There are four different styles available, including an eagle logo padded headband, an eagle logo scrunchie, a stars and stripes padded headband, and a stars and stripes scrunchie. These are great for USPS employees who frequently do their hair or are looking for ways to change their daily uniforms up a little.



N1026800PO Box Banks:

This unique postal present is great for a dedicated USPS employee. This desktop savings bank features an antique door which is installed into the hardwood box and is fully operational. This beautiful item is sure to make any USPS employee feel special. Call for availability, as there is only a limited supply of these!



S1000600Garland Pen and Pencil Sets:

This pen and pencil set makes a great gift for all sorts of people. Do you know a USPS employee who enjoys writing? What about someone who works in an office for the USPS? Maybe you have a friend or family member that regularly writes letters. This set is a great choice for any of those loved ones! These fancy pens and pencils write well and come with the USPS logo printed on them.



These postal gifts are great options for your favorite USPS employee. Order now so you can get these quality gifts before Christmas! From all of us here at, we wish you Happy Holidays.

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Avoid Burning Out This Holiday Season

The holiday season is the season for the USPS. However, this fact can result in a large amount of burnout for USPS employees. It doesn’t matter if you’re sorting the mail, working at the counter, delivering packages, or working in a corporate setting. The holiday rush is a busy time of year for many industries, especially the USPS.

It is important to do the best work you can during this time, but it is also important you take care of yourself as well. Excessive, prolonged stress is not good for your mental health or for your body. We’ve provided some techniques to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Always be sure to put your physical health first. Don’t skip your lunch during work hours to get a bit extra done. Staying up late to finish extra work leads to a lack of sleep which is poor for your body and will likely impact your quality of work the next day. If you need three cups of coffee in the morning to function it’s a good sign you aren’t sleeping enough. If you feel lethargic and shaky during the day you probably aren’t eating well. Employees such as letter carriers should take some time to relax, while employees who don’t work some sort of route such as window clerks should make sure to exercise weekly to maintain good health.


  • You don’t have to completely separate yourself from your job when you go home. Believe it or not, a lot of stress comes from people believing they must completely switch gears when they go home after work. We spend a great amount of time at work, and those hours lead to skills that we can apply to our regular life. For example, some letter carriers tend to believe that because they are on their feet all day, they should not be active when home. If you want to go for a hike, play a round of basketball, or even stop at the gym, don’t stop yourself just because you walk all day at work! Different aspects of your job can lead to better organization, new hobbies, and a wide variety of personal interests. That’s not to say you should obsess over work while at home, but don’t completely turn that part of your head off.


  • Don’t obsess over your job regularly while you are away from work. Doing this means you are not only stressed while you are on the job, but while you are home as well. It is rare that obsessing over work while you are home will change anything. The holiday season is a time to spend with family and friends, and this incessant worrying can create distance which makes it hard to enjoy the holidays. Granted, it is impossible to stop your mind from drifting to work on occasion, and that’s fine. Just don’t let it consume too much of your free time.


  • Always be sure you give yourself time to do things that revolve around you and not work. Instead of spending your days off checking email and making lists, go see a movie or go out to dinner. Instead of ruminating about how you can deliver along your route faster, read a good book or spend some time with friends. Let your mind take the time to relax.


The holiday season is a busy and stressful time, even for people who don’t work for the USPS. Use this advice to not get burnt out while on the job.

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New 2015-2016 Postal Uniform


The brand new 2015-2016 uniform catalog is now available! We put out this catalog every year to make it easy for you to browse and purchase the uniform items you need. This year we’ve expanded our catalog to feature more of the products you love. In addition to categories such as letter carrier, retail operations, and work clothes, we now have categories for non-reimbursable items, stamps, and more!

We wanted to give you a quick rundown on some of the main categories in this year’s catalog.

Under our letter carrier/ motor vehicle operators category, you will find a variety of uniform options for all types of conditions. Shirts, belts, shorts, trousers, and hats are all included in this category. In this category you will also find quality outerwear that is perfect for whatever season you need, complete with a weather chart to make it even easier to browse. This category ensures you will have all the items you need while out on your route, whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter.

Our stamps page in our catalog is meant to convey information about a service we believe is often overlooked. This page of our catalog shows that we have a large selection of stamps available on eBuy2. Whether you want something more standard such as a counter stamp or you’re looking for a custom stamp, we can help!

While browsing our retail operations category, you will find great uniform items to suit your needs. Browse shirts, maternity shirts, pants, polos, and additional accessories! We also have a great selection of work clothes such as t-shirts, denim shirts, and more! When checking out the footwear category, browse by your favorite brands! Do the same thing when it comes to gloves!

The largest new section in this year’s catalog is our non-reimbursable items. These products are not reimbursable with the USPS uniform allowance card. However, these items are sure to make your job easier. This category covers items for letter carriers, rural carriers, and more! Here’s some examples of items that fall into this category: disposable ponchos, cooling towel, bottle clip, sew-on patches, key rings, route vests, carrier safety strobe, hand and toe warmers, dog repellent, postal rings, and much more!

Our catalog also has handy extras such as size charts. There’s tons to enjoy with this great 2015-2016 uniform catalog. You can view our catalog digitally, or request a free print copy, today!

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USA and Union Made


Here at, we believe it is important that we provide items that are manufactured right here in the USA. That is why we strive to sell products that are both USA made as well as Union made. We are very proud that the majority of our products are made here in the United States of America, and that we also carry a large amount of items made by union members.

While it makes sense that USPS uniforms should be manufactured in the USA, some people may wonder if it matters if the other products they consume should be as well. We’re strong supporters of USA made items, and in case you aren’t sure why, we’ve got some pretty compelling reasons to share with you.

Of course, the most obvious reason is that if you are purchasing American-made products, you are purchasing goods from other Americans. Americans who have jobs. Unemployment is a big problem that needs to be tackled, and USA-made items create American jobs. Many items that we consume are now manufactured overseas, which is why it is important to buy American goods whenever we can. Factories often lay off employees or close down, but if we keeping shopping for products made in the USA, we may be able to prevent that.

Another compelling reason to buy items that are made in the USA is that working conditions in other countries are often poor. Many workplaces in the countries we buy from have less or even no work regulations. In the USA, we place great value on our workplace standards and labor requirements. When you buy products not made in the USA, you are supporting an industry that often has dreadful work conditions, very long work days, and employs young children.

The environment is another big factor concerning this issue. This issue is also multi-faceted. One of the major concerns is that when we buy products that are manufactured in other countries, we are often buying products from countries with few or no environmental regulations. China, for example, has some of the worst pollution in the world. In many areas of China the air is not considered safe enough to breathe. Air pollution in China is indirectly responsible for the death of many Chinese citizens every year. It’s not only the air that is polluted either. The water and soil is also not safe. Not only that, but the coN1030361BIGst of importing these items is great as well. This includes in terms of money, and in terms of the emissions going into the environment when items are transported.

We were inspired to create this informative post after promoting our new USPS work t-shirts, which are exclusively made in the USA. These union made quality shirts are a great choice for our customers. If you’re interested, you can take a look at them here.

We hope you’re as big a fan of USA made products as we are. We will continue to offer quality USA made products on our website to meet all your USPS needs.

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Top Picks for Summer Hats


There’s only one day left to get on and order our summer postal baseball cap for $7.75! After that, it will go back to its regular price. We love this cap. They protect letter carriers from the sun while on their routes and have a great design that letter carriers love. The mesh back provides ventilation to help keep employees cool while they work. This is a great product that is perfect for summer.

So that got us thinking…what other postal hats do we love for the summer months? Hats are an important part of the letter carrier uniform, whether it’s summer and you need protection from the sun or winter and you need them to keep warm. So in this blog we’ll be featuring some of our favorite hats for summer!


Our favorite summer postal hat when it comes to sun protection is our sun helmet! This classic design has been around for many years because it is effective for keeping sun away from eyes and necks. Our sun helmet has ventilation holes to help keep you cool, as well as an elastic chin strap to keep the hat firmly on your head. This quality item is made right here in the USA.


Another one of our favorite hat products for summer is the postal sun hat, approved by the USPS! This hat is made with a breathable nylon fabric which is not only good for keeping you cool, but offers UPF 50 sun protection! What we love about this hat is it offers the protection of a sun helmet, but it is lightweight and easy to wash. This hat comes with a USPS patch so you can show off your employee pride while you work.


The last summer hat we really want to feature is the postal carrier sun visor. We love this product. It provides protection from the sun, but has an open top for plenty of ventilation from the summer heat. These union-made visors have an adjustable back, allowing them to be one size fits all. Show off your postal pride with the USPS insignia patch on the front!


We hope you love these postal summer hats as much as we do. They make great additions to your uniform and offer great protection from the sun.

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It’s National Postal Worker Day

Today is National Postal Worker Day, and wants to celebrate all the hardworking women and men that comprise the USPS.

The USPS has been around, in one state or another, about as long as the USA has. It provides postal service to the entire country, with no direct taxpayer dollars. There are many different positions that can be held within the USPS. Every single employee plays an important role in getting mail and packages across the country. Mail handlers and processors prepare the mail. Clerks handle customer service, as well as a myriad of other duties. There are non-career USPS employees who are hired to fill in the gaps, while maintenance and custodian employees oversee the operation and cleaning of USPS facilities. There is of course management, and who can forget about letter carriers, who brave all sorts of weather conditions on a daily basis to deliver the mail to the people of America?

Today is the day to express gratitude to all the employees of the USPS. Even in the age of the internet, there are still millions of pieces of mail that are processed every year. The last reported figure was 155.4 billion. That amount of mail means a lot of work, and we want to honor that today.

The USPS is historic, and as the 4th of July approaches now is the time to remember that more than ever.

As we mentioned earlier, we want to celebrate this important day. N1028636N1029150To do so, we have a special sale that all USPS employees can benefit from. For a limited time, buy 3 pairs of Wrightsocks, get 1 free! We have many varieties, all of which can be found HERE. These socks feature double layer technology which moves moisture away from the foot. These socks will keep your feet in the healthiest environment possible. They’re a great choice for all sorts of working conditions, making it a great sale item for this particular day of recognition.


This sale is only valid through July 2nd, 2015, but it has been going on all week! To stay updated about our newest sales, products, and more, sign up for our weekly email newsletter! That way you won’t ever miss out on a sale! You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on twitter for additional updates.

So if you are an employee of the USPS, we want to take this moment to thank you. If you are not, take the time today to show your appreciation for your local USPS employees. They do a lot for you on a daily basis.

In the spirit of history, we would also like to wish all our readers a Happy 4th of July! As previously mentioned, some form of the USPS has been around since we declared independence. It is an important time in US history. We hope everyone takes some time to celebrate this great holiday.

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Beat the Heat

As a USPS employee, you are subject to working in many difficult types of weather. So what do you do when you’re on your route, the temperatures have risen into ridiculous digits, and the humidity and dew point have made it feel like you live in the tropics? We’ve got some tips for you!


1. The most important thing to do to keep you cool is dress appropriately. Lightweight postal shirts and shorts are a must for hot days. We have a wide selection of summer postal uniforms, which you can find HERE.

2. You should also be sure to protect your head and face from the summer sun. Invest in a summer postal hat to do that. You can go with a simple postal hat to help hide from the sun, or a more proactive item such as sun hats or sun helmets.

3. You may also consider investing in some non-reimbursable summer accessories. We offer some great items to help you stay cool while you are on the job. For example, this neck cooling wrap can be soaked in water or chilled to give you up to 72 hours of comfort. Or you could try our cooling vest, which is worn under clothing. The vest has pockets for cooling inserts that will help you out all day long.

N10270544. When possible, keep to shaded areas. Park mail trucks under trees to keep the inside of the car from heating up as much as possible.

5. Be sure you know the signs of heat stress. The heat can make you very sick very quickly, and you need to recognize the signs that something is wrong. Things to look out for include: headache, hot/dry skin, weakness, muscle cramps, confusion, dizziness, profuse sweating, and nausea. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you need to get somewhere cool and get hydrated. If symptoms are bad enough, you’ll need to take a trip to the hospital.

6. And speaking of getting hydrated, don’t forget to drink plenty of water while out in the heat. It’s an obvious tip, but one many people forget.


These tips are sure to make your day more bearable. Don’t let the heat get you down. The most important thing to remember while working in the summer sun is that safety comes first. Never ignore heat related symptoms. If you believe the heat is having a negative effect on your health, get the help you need.

That’s all for now. Stay cool this summer!

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Prevent Dog Bites

This past year, 5,767 postal workers were attacked by dogs. The USPS has posted guidelines for pet owners to help protect letter carriers. While these are helpful, what are letter carriers supposed to do if they are being approached by a dog that seems to be aggressive?

While dog bites are rarely fatal in the United States, they occasionally are. At the very least, they cause many postal workers to be forced to take time off due to injury. To help, we’ve provided some safety tips, including what to do if you are bitten.


  1. Never approach a dog you do not know. It is not advises1001152d you even approach a neighbor’s dog you do know while on your route, especially if they are not on any type of leash.
  2. If it seems that a dog is going to approach, stay still and do not make eye contact. A dog may give chase if you attempt to run. Do not appear aggressive.
  3. If you notice a dog roaming freely on someone’s property, you have the right to not deliver mail to that address due to safety. Do not risk injury if you don’t have to.
  4. If a dog attacks, put as much distance between you and the dog as possible. Protect your head and neck if possible.
  5. Consider investing in dog repellent. It is accurate up to 10’ and each can contains about 10 bursts. It is registered with the EPA. We also sell a holster for this item so you can always have it at your fingertips.

If you have been bitten:


  1. Perform basic first aid as soon as possible. Wash the aren1021958ba of the bite with warm water and soap. Apply some sort of bandage or wrap. It’s a good idea to keep a first aid kit in your vehicle.
  2. Call your doctor, and if the bite is serious, get to a hospital.
  3. Be sure to report the attack, giving as much information as possible.


Stay safe out there, letter carriers!

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