Beat the Heat

As a USPS employee, you are subject to working in many difficult types of weather. So what do you do when you’re on your route, the temperatures have risen into ridiculous digits, and the humidity and dew point have made it feel like you live in the tropics? We’ve got some tips for you!


1. The most important thing to do to keep you cool is dress appropriately. Lightweight postal shirts and shorts are a must for hot days. We have a wide selection of summer postal uniforms, which you can find HERE.

2. You should also be sure to protect your head and face from the summer sun. Invest in a summer postal hat to do that. You can go with a simple postal hat to help hide from the sun, or a more proactive item such as sun hats or sun helmets.

3. You may also consider investing in some non-reimbursable summer accessories. We offer some great items to help you stay cool while you are on the job. For example, this neck cooling wrap can be soaked in water or chilled to give you up to 72 hours of comfort. Or you could try our cooling vest, which is worn under clothing. The vest has pockets for cooling inserts that will help you out all day long.

N10270544. When possible, keep to shaded areas. Park mail trucks under trees to keep the inside of the car from heating up as much as possible.

5. Be sure you know the signs of heat stress. The heat can make you very sick very quickly, and you need to recognize the signs that something is wrong. Things to look out for include: headache, hot/dry skin, weakness, muscle cramps, confusion, dizziness, profuse sweating, and nausea. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you need to get somewhere cool and get hydrated. If symptoms are bad enough, you’ll need to take a trip to the hospital.

6. And speaking of getting hydrated, don’t forget to drink plenty of water while out in the heat. It’s an obvious tip, but one many people forget.


These tips are sure to make your day more bearable. Don’t let the heat get you down. The most important thing to remember while working in the summer sun is that safety comes first. Never ignore heat related symptoms. If you believe the heat is having a negative effect on your health, get the help you need.

That’s all for now. Stay cool this summer!

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Sweater Sale!

Temperatures are starting to fall, and soon the season of fall will be upon us. Don’t let it catch you off guard! Shop today, so you can stay warm later!

How exactly can you do that? You can do that by taking advantage of this week’s sale. Save $5.00 off all postal sweaters and vests when you shop, today! You don’t even need a discount code because the sweaters have already been discounted on our website. This makes shopping easier and more convenient than ever.

September is half over and fall is nearly here. Soon the last traces of summer heat will be gone. Once those fall temperatures set in, sweaters will be on everyone’s mind. These USPS approved sweaters and sweater vests are great for work. They keep you looking professional and warm at the same time.

Below we’ve listed several examples of the sweaters we have to choose from. Take a look!


Bulky Knit Carrier Sweater



This union made sweater will keep letter carrier’s warm while on their route. It’s great for this time of year when the seasons are changing.

It features a zippered front, crew neck, and two pockets. We carry sizes extra small through extra large. These sweaters come complete the USPS logo.Follow the link to buy, now!







Window Clerk Cardigan Sweater



This unisex cardigan postal sweater is perfect to keep you warm during the colder months.

It features a Jacquard knit, a button down front, and eyelets on the front panel which is perfect for a USPS name badge. This item comes in sizes extra small through extra large. This sweater is also union made!








Navy Work Cardigan Sweater



Another union made postal item that is sure to meet your needs!

This classic navy cardigan feature a jersey knit construction with a stand up collar, making it durable and long lasting. It has two front pockets with inside elbow patches. These cardigans are unisex and come in sizes extra small through extra large.





That’s just a sample of the sweaters we have to offer. So get browsing now, before this sale ends!

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Digital Catalog Preview


The new 2014-2015 uniform catalog is almost here! Our catalogs are in the process of being sent out right now! If you’ve ordered one already, you can expect to see it soon. If you don’t receive a catalog by August 1st, request your free copy HERE. We’ll send you a catalog with our newest and greatest products for absolutely no charge.

Once you get our catalog and look through it, you have several different options. For your convenience we’ve included an order form in the catalog. You can use this to easily write down what items from the catalog interest you and mail it in. If that’s not to your taste, you can all of our products on and order online. We strive to make your shopping experience easy and fast, no matter what method you choose.

So what can you expect to find in our new catalog? We have items for letter carriers, retail operations, work clothes, footwear, gloves, and much more. We also feature our selection of closeout items and PSE Uniforms. In addition to presenting you with our products, we also provide a handy size chart to make it easier than ever to shop with us.

Don’t feel like waiting? Well then you’re in luck. We have a digital preview available for you! It’s very simple to use. You can flip through the catalog, bookmark it, search through the catalog, and zoom in to get a closer look at the items. Simply follow THIS LINK to take a look, today!

Do you want to continue to keep up with our latest sales, products, and more? You can do that by keeping up with this blog of course, but in many other ways as well! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or sign up for our email newsletter.

So don’t wait! Take a look at our digital copy of the new catalog, or order yours today! All catalog materials, whether digital or in print, are completely free.

Until next time.

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Happy National Postal Worker’s Day!

Today is July 1st, and that means it is National Postal Worker’s Day! Letter carrier’s work in harsh conditions. Six days a week, they deliver mail in rain, snow, storms, extreme heat, extreme cold, and more. Today is the day to appreciate their hard work. is doing this with a sale that runs through this whole week! In celebration of National Postal Worker’s Day, take $3 off selected Thorlos socks!

Letter Carriers walk many miles daily, carrying mail everywhere they go. Due to this, it can put quite a strain on feet, especially without the appropriate footwear. All of these postal socks are perfect for letter carriers and will help keep feet healthy.

Our full selection of the included sale is below. Check out the products and if there’s something you like, simple click the link to be taken to our website! No promo code required. All discounts are applied directly.



N1028560Find details HERE

White Mini Crew Postal Socks with Blue Stripes.

The socks are designed to reduce fatigue caused by walking and standing. This makes them perfect for both letter carriers and window clerks. These socks have midweight padding and moisture wicking. Plus, these socks are durable and should last you a long time!



N1028561Find details HERE

Blue Mini Crew Postal Sock with Blue Stripes.

These socks are ideal for both letter carriers and window clerks! The padding at the ball and heel of the sock helps protect against blisters, shock, impact, and abrasion. These durable socks will last you longer than many other brands, making them an economic option!



N1026518Find details HERE

Black Over the Calf Support Socks.

These USPS approved socks are perfect for postal employees. The effective moisture evaporation with these socks will keep your feet dry, while the padding protects from blisters. If you’re a USPS employee who is on their feet all day, these are perfect for you.



N1026513Find details HERE

White Over the Calf Socks with Postal Blue Stripe.

Perfect for comfort and protection for USPS employees who are on their feet most of the day. These socks have a flat knit instep, which offers a great fit and moisture protection. The design makes these socks extremely durable so they should last you a while.





Find details HERE

Navy Over the Calf Socks with Postal Blue Stripe.

Our postal socks are USPS approved and are great for letter carriers and window clerks. The design helps to protect feet from blisters, impact, and more. Acrylic keeps your feet drier on the inside, keeping your feet healthy and comfortable all day long!



N1026515Find details HERE

Black Crew Socks with White Toe.

With how long postal employees have to be on their feet, it is important that their socks are comfortable and prevent moisture. You can find both of these qualities in these USPS approved postal socks. Just follow the link to this product to get all the details!



N1026516Find details HERE

Black Over the Calf Socks with White Toe.

If you’re looking for a functional postal sock that protects your feet and is comfortable, then this product is perfect for you. These socks have moisture evaporation and are designed to protect against blisters, impact, and abrasions. Follow the link for full details!



And that’s it! We hope that this sale will be helpful to all USPS employees. And we wanted to ourselves take a moment to thank you. We understand how much hard work goes into delivering the mail, and postal workers deserve much more appreciation than they get.

Until next week.

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Uniform Items are 10% off!

We have an amazing deal coming your way. For a short time we are offering 10% off all uniform items!


The only requirements to get this deal are that you must use your Uniform Allowance Card, and you must be purchasing online at Simple, right?

We have all types of uniform items, from letter carrier shirts and outerwear to window clerk pants and skirts. There are endless options for you to choose from.

Not only that, but if you spend over $50.00 on your purchase you will get free shipping! That just proves that now is the time to stock up on uniform items as spring really takes hold.

What are you waiting for? Head over to and get your shopping done before this deal disappears!

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How to Measure for Postal Shirts?

One article of clothing typifies what a postal worker looks like. Many can recognize postal workers by their postal uniform and especially by the shirts that they way. Whether you are a Letter Carrier, Window Clerk or Mail Handler, or whether you like the button down shirts, shirts jacs or the popular polo shirts, every shirt features the USPS logo letting passer bys know that you represent the USPS. Make sure you look your best with the best fit for every shirt. Here’s a breakdown on the measurements you need to determine the correct size shirt.



Neck – Measure around base of neck, just below the Adam’s apple, allowing for a comfortable fit, about a finger width of room.

Chest/Bust  Measure the fullest part of the chest. Men just under the arms; women across the fullest part of the bust.

Sleeves – Measure from the center of the back between the shoulders out to the shoulder, and down to the wrist with a slightly bent elbow.





Once you have the measurements in place, you can order the shirts based on the sizes provided by the retailers. However, if shirts are only available in letter sizes, you can use the Size Conversion Chart for Postal Uniforms to find the right shirt.

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Stay Warm with Postal Sweaters

With the temperatures falling, it’s time to take your warm winter clothes out of storage and back into circulation. It might even be time to add a few more pieces to your wardrobe. Sweaters are a great “go to” item to keep on hand during the fall, winter and even spring months when you need an extra layer against the cooler temps. The postal uniform program offers a selection of sweaters tailored for each uniform category.

Type 1 Postal Uniform Sweaters for Letter Carriers and Motor Vehicle Operators are available in a flat knit or bulky knit zippered front cardigan. Both styles feature two pockets and a crew neck.

Type 2 Postal Uniform Sweater for Retail Clerk and Window Operations are unisex and feature a button down front with eyelets on the front panel for name badges. The jacquard knit keeps clerks comfortably warm. Also, button down Sweater Vests are available.

Type 3 Postal Uniform Sweater for Mail Handlers feature two front pockets with inside elbow patches. The zippered cardigan is made from a jersey knit and includes a stand up collar for additional neck warmth.

Keeping warm this winter season is no sweat with postal uniform sweaters!

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How to measure for pants?

One of the basic articles of clothing for the Postal Uniform program is pants.  There are different pant styles available for Letter Carriers, Window Clerks and Mail Handler/Maintenance personnel.  While these styles are different for each job, the way you measure for them remains the same.  There are two basic measurements you need to determine the correct size pants, the Waist and Hip/Seat measurements.  In addition to Waist and Hip/Seat measurements, there is the Inseam measurement.  All postal pants come in unhemmed.  The Inseam measurement allows you to tailor fit your pants according to your height. Here is the correct way to measure:


Waist – Measure around the natural waist line. Do not measure over belt or waistband.

Hip/Seat – Measure around the fullest part of your hip/seat (about 7” from the waist line) with your heels together.

Inseam – Measure while standing, from the crotch seam down to the desired length.

Use the following charts for both Men’s and Women’s sizes to determine what size pants you need. 


For all pants measurements, it is best to have another person take your measurements, preferably with a tape measure.  Keep the tape taut but not too tight to allow for seating room.  Please note that there are no returns/exchanges on altered pants.  Also all postal shorts are pre-hemmed.

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